Fortunately, although many people do not realize they have a problem until it is too
late, gambling addiction is treatable. A qualified therapist or counselor can help you
learn how to stop gambling kingkong88, identify unhealthy internal and family dynamics, and
build coping skills.

Gambling Addiction Therapy: Here's What You Need to Know - Kentucky  Counseling Center
Gambling addiction treatment is similar to a substance abuse rehab program, but
more specialized because it addresses a specific type of behavioral disorder. It is
often a combination of therapeutic modalities and recovery resources that can be
offered at an inpatient facility or in outpatient rehab programs for compulsive
gamblers, with or without co-occurring substance abuse issues.
For example, cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) teaches relapse prevention and
healthy coping skills and has been shown to be effective for gambling addiction
treatment. CBT also focuses on identifying and addressing any underlying mental
health issues that may be contributing to the compulsive behavior. In some cases,
medication can be a helpful addition to gambling addiction treatment and is best
used when prescribed by a medical doctor.
Other treatment options include group and individual therapy sessions, where
gamblers build a support network of peers while sharing their experiences, coping
strategies, and hopes for the future. Self-help recovery groups like Gamblers
Anonymous can also be useful. Motivational enhancement interventions are brief
therapeutic strategies that aim to lower resistance and improve a client’s motivation
for change. These interventions typically accompany other types of treatment, but
have been found to be effective on their own.
A family or couples therapy component is often incorporated into gambling addiction
treatment because the behavior can have a ripple effect throughout the entire
household. This type of counseling helps families establish more supportive
environments that are conducive to sobriety, defines boundaries, and reestablishes

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Another option for gambling addiction treatment is abstinence-based support
programs, where the person commits to not gambling for a set period of time,
usually 30 days or more. This form of rehab requires more structure, and is best for
individuals who are unable to refrain from gambling without the help of

Executive gambling addiction treatment programs address the unique needs of high-
rollers and other affluent professionals who struggle with destructive behavior

patterns. These services are often offered at luxury residential rehab centers and
can be more customized to meet the lifestyles of these individuals. For example,
executive rehab programs can offer extended stay programs or weekend-only
retreats for busy executives. These services are often offered as part of a
comprehensive treatment program that includes individual and group therapy,
relapse prevention training, family or couples therapy, and medication when