Where do you find the perfect poker chip that you can afford? Finding any poker accessory can be a challenge, especially if, like me, you need them at a reasonable price. It may seem like a poker chip is one of those things you can just find anywhere, but believe me, that is not necessarily the case when it comes to finding a set at a good price. I have found, though, that there are three places you should look before you make that final purchase. For that perfect and affordable poker chip set, check online, in a department store, and a second-hand store.

The first place to look for poker chips would be on the internet. Many department stores and gaming retailers have websites that offer poker chips for sale. These sites often have special online-only deals that can assist you in finding the price you are looking for. Be sure to go to a search engine and seek out poker chips as well.

The second place to look for a poker chip set is at a good price would be at a department store, physically. Often at department stores, there are discount or clearance racks with items, including poker chips, that may offer even better prices than you found online. The other advantage to a store’s physical location is that you will be able to pick up, touch, and feel the poker chip to know if you like the way the fabric or stitching is in it. Either way, a department store location or retailer is a stop you really should make in your search for a poker chip at a good price.

The third place to scope out for a poker chip may not be for everyone. Some people are uncomfortable with second-hand stores, but they can be fantastic for getting a good price on almost anything that you want, not just clothing. You have to keep an eye out and find a piece that is in good condition and of a good brand, but you would be surprised what you will see at a good second-hand store. A similar place to look that is not quite second-hand is an overstock store. Many stores now take merchandise from larger retailers that have been overstocked. They get a discounted price and pass that along to you. You may find a great poker chip at an overstock store that is brand and just what you want only at half the price.

Finding a perfect poker chip at just the right price can be a difficult proposition. You don’t want to buy just any brand to save a buck, but you also aren’t made of money (and you need what you have for those Friday night games). Take the time to search all three of these places to find what you need. Check the internet first, the department store, then either a second-hand or overstock store to see if you can catch a deal at just the right moment. Take your time, do your research and you will be surprised at how great a deal you just might find on the poker chip set you want.